Teaming up with

STCBack of Beyond SUP Race is ecstatic to be working with the Save the Colorado River campaign.  We are a group of river lovers, guides, and environmentalists concerned about the well-being of our rivers.  Being given the opportunity to team up with such a forward thinking non-profit organization is a dream come true.  We will be donating a portion of the proceeds from tickets sales for the Back Of Beyond SUP Race to  So not only will you be racing down the gorgeous Colorado River; you will be racing for a cause.

“The Save the Colorado River campaign is a philanthropic partnership that works to protect and restore the ecological health of the Colorado River by raising public awareness and by inspiring and supporting non-profit environmental organizations.

To serve the needs of human populations, for the last decade the Colorado River has been completely drained dry by the time it reaches the Sea of Cortez. While the destruction of the river is a clear and obvious consequence of our actions, additional threats to the Colorado River – from its headwaters in Rocky Mountain National Park, all the way to its dry destiny near the Sea of Cortez – are increasing with each tick of the clock.

Climate change is looming, population growth is escalating, more dams and diversions are planned, species are on the brink of extinction, oil/gas/mineral exploration near the river is increasing, and invasive species are continuing their march up and down the river and its tributaries.

The Save the Colorado campaign won’t be able to address all of these threats, but it’s important to tell the whole story and begin the critical work of restoration.” –

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